Photo Gallery
We feel so fortunate and blessed to have met and placed so many of our dogs and puppies in such wonderful loving homes. Here we share a sampling of folks we met along the way.

Below: Here are some of the puppies pictured with their new families. Many have become lifelong friends along the way. We are proud and happy to share these memories.
To the left: Jan Williams of Mistybrook Shelties and Dan Dee One From The Heart, "Ticker." 
Smiles all around during first days 
home with our new puppy!
Big smiles all around as sweet girl, "Cameo," heads off to her forever home.

How happy are you on that day when you first take home the newest member to your family? 
We've reserved this page to share photos of fun, family, friends and miles and miles of 
Sheltie Smiles.
Good friends Mario & Toni love their shelties

Who can resist a Sheltie hug?
An evening meeting on a cool summer night
What is a Sheltie day without  a favorite memory. Here on a sunny day our grandson visiting with the pups in the pen.
Steve, Cathy and young Ruthie are all smiles as they depart for home with their puppy.
George and his new owner strike a pose
Beautiful new baby girl, Bunniie,
 ready for an adventure.
Columbo and his new Dad ready to hit the road and build a new family.
"Dora The Explorer," found a wonderful new life with the Nauha family
New Momma and baby Amber
Finally nestled in our new home 
Leo and Remy with new momma
Puppies+kids=Smiles+happy families. It's the new math!
What better way to celebrate, than going home with our newest fur family member, "Kobe."
One thing you can't deny, smiles this big come from the furry patter of new tiny feet!
While back for a visit with their happy new family member Janet and Mitch stop for a quick pose.
Terri, Mike and their new little boy head 
           off for new adventures!
 Glenda, Kaylee & Nelson find new love 
with this baby boy
Who can resist puppy giggles,
certainly not new puppy mom Kristen an her mom, Lynne, as they share a photo op before hittin' the trail
Kristen posing with her sweet little girl Harper destined to be a star!.
"Look down, look up, oops, I got ya?"
Always lots of clowning around to be had when these little guys meet up with their new parents
Stopping for a quick pose... Sara, Nadine & Jerry show off their beautiful new sheltie.
Smile for the camera, phone camera that is.
Little man Wilson wings his way home with new dad, Ed, but not before a photo op.
Gail and her newest sweetheart plan a lifetime of LOVE. The smile says it all!
Here is our own little Jenny off to her new home. She'll be sure to spread lots of love over her new family, the entire infinity and beyond!
                   Love ya Jenny B Good!
Carol, Frank and Zorro, aka The Fox, The Masked Man, head onward and upward to find new adventures and new roads to conquer.
​"Hey Mom, just practicing my computer skills before we take the long trip home!"
Here we have, "Kerry," and Ann. They've started their career with a bang. First they accomplished a CGC title and continued just a few short weeks later to get High Scoring Sheltie in their class, Rally Novice, at the San Diego Specialty under judge Nancy Craig. 
              A proud salute to you both
      with a pup that just turned a year old!
We hope we gave you lots of warmth and Sheltie Smiles. For those of you who already experience the love of this breed you know they will create lasting memories. For those of you still searching for that "Perfect Family Member," be sure to consider a Sheltie for your family household.
                                And remember...have a very Sheltie Day!
What better way to start the new year than with some non-stop, unconditional love. Here proud parents Mike and Katie start their newest family member, "Bella."
Above:  A new home for JJ, with new parents Cindy and Derik. We wish them the best for many Sheltie smiles!
                    Smiles, hugs and off we go! 
Marla and Leland add another fur friend to the household.
Above: Rio has his new toys and is on his way with new mom and dad, Lyndsi and Taka for lots of playing and puppy kisses!
Giving the love to baby Amber until fast asleep.
"Kai" helps to remind new owners of the sweet taste of puppy breath as they leave with newest addition.
A few last smiles and inquisitive look from pretty young "Gwen" as she is off for adventures with her new mom and dad, Billie and Joe.
Newest four footed family member, Molly, joins in  for a meet and greet as little Sheltie Zeke locks eyes of love with his new momma, Murine, and Daddy Don enjoys the moment.