This page was last updated: December 31, 2017
All inquires are given consideration. Before you email check and set the spam controls on your computer in order to get a reponse (this is especially the case with msn providers). Any messages coming from public, ie library, computers cannot receive responses. And please double check the spelling on your email return address as this can also be a reason we don't respond.
Please be patient as it can take up to 3 days for a response and please enjoy the photos of previous liters below. ~Don & Marianne
All companions are sold on a strictly spay/neuter contract and are not for breeding, no exceptions. This is for your protection and protection of the breed. We don't sell dogs for resale and we are not a rescue. Please remember, while all inquiries are welcome dogs may only be sold to persons 18 and older. 

                  Serious Inquires Only.
                             A Moment of Surprise
This is our good friend and fellow sheltie lover, Terri. Terri has been a great socializer and loves sheltie puppies. If you look closely you will see the tongue on the puppy in a matching position...Cute!
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I love my Dad...
First Photo Shoot
"I'm ready for my close up, 
Mr DeMille..."
DeMille was one of the premier studios in So CA back in the Glory days of Hollywood. We love to say that to the puppies when we take their pictures. What do you think, ready for her close up?

First Days...
First born, we can't see or hear, but what a miracle, we can still find mom and hook up for a drink.
"First Love"
This is the way puppies learn to trust. Snuggles from their human parents teach them all is well with the big guys.
First Cereal!
Puppies find all the changes in their environment to be a good thing. Walk on different surfaces, try new foods and add toys and playthings to the puppy pen. All to help them grow and gain confidence. 
This is why we love puppies!
"Spa bath you say? Why I smell delicious!"
Nap time Puppy
Nap time Puppy
Help, chaos in the puppy pen! These guys are having the time of their life. Puppies begin the day with a lot of play time before a mid day nap. 
To have the life of a puppy is truly Something Special.
To the right and below, please enjoy some pictures of a recent litter, 
all of which are currently placed.
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"Arf, I say, Arf"...for more puppy cutie pics please scroll down!"
                                     Snuggle Puppies
Oh, this can't be right? Puppies this tiny already wrapping each other in hugs?? Here two little week old puppies share a snuggle while sleeping..."and we're only as big as the palm of your hand!"
Momma's Newborn Pups
Sheltie Snow Day!
Shelties can certainly be trained to be the best dogs for fun in the snow or just anywhere! Here we have two shelties  and their owner ready for a nice cold romping good day. The little girl on the left is from My Lord's Shelties and for now we'll call her Jenny Be Good.         
The picture was sent to us by good friends Barb and Dave after a day up at the California snowy mountains (yep, we can have snow and beach weather all on the same day here).Thank you guys for this wonderful shot and taking time out with the kids for snow day fun!

Sheltie Snow Day!
                                    Thanksgiving Photos
Pictured here are three shelties enjoying some pumpkin fun. The picture came to us from good friends Bill and Nancy. The 6 month old sheltie is from My Lord's Shelties. 
The puppies shown above and  below have been placed. For more information about future litters please contact us. Tell us a bit about yourself, have you ever owned a sheltie, household members including children and pets and for faster response please leave a phone number. But remember you must be 18 in order to receive a response.

A black dog at My Lord's?? Why certainly! All dogs here are intelligent and of superior health. Just the way we like them.
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